Suniva and Coldwell Solar partner to provide reliable power around the globe
Friday, Dec 20, 2013

Suniva, Inc., a metro-Atlanta based manufacturer of high-quality, high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells and modules, today announces its partnership with Coldwell Solar on several solar projects whose focus is on American quality.

“Suniva is delighted that Coldwell Solar chose us as their American partner due to our high-quality modules”

In the past 12 months, Suniva and Coldwell Solar have partnered on several innovative solar projects totaling nearly 5MW. The partnership originated from Coldwell Solar’s desire to use high-quality products from an American company in their design and implementation and Suniva’s ability to deliver a high-quality solution. Most recently, the two companies partnered on a 1.15MW DC solar farm, owned by Villa Park Orchard Association (VPOA), an agricultural cooperative that packages and markets citrus fruits for its members. A leader in the citrus industry for over 100 years, VPOA sought to reduce its production costs and after careful evaluation, recognized solar as the solution to decrease its electricity costs. VPOA identified Coldwell Solar as the integrator based on the company’s commitment to high-quality, USA-based manufacturers for key solar components.

“Suniva is delighted that Coldwell Solar chose us as their American partner due to our high-quality modules,” said Matt Card, vice president, global sales and marketing of Suniva. “Our partnership recognizes the high-quality advantage that will result in annual savings to VPOA’s long-term solar investment. We look forward to future collaboration where we can further exemplify our strength as an American company,” said Card.

Sean Hood, vice president of operations at Coldwell Solar, said, “We recognize that not all panels are created equal. After understanding that VPOA’s core requirement was high-quality, we turned to Suniva, the leading USA-based solar manufacturer. We believe that we’re not only buying modules, but that we’re buying a 25 year relationship. Working with an American company gives us confidence from a business model standpoint, as well as close proximity to support, if needed.”

Source: Business Wire

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