Start of commercial operation and opening ceremony of mega-solar power plant in Shimizu Town, Kamikawa County, Hokkaido
Thursday, Jun 05, 2014
Marubeni Corporation’s fully-owned subsidiary, Mibugawa Power Company (“Mibugawa”), held an opening ceremony today for its mega-solar power plant in Shimizu town, Kamikawa County, Hokkaido. Mibugawa completed the first-stage construction in November 2013 and the second-stage construction in January 2014.

With the support of Shimizu Town, Mibugawa has built and operated the plants at five locations owned by Shimizu Town. The total capacity of the plants is approximately 4.3MW and the expected annual power generation will cover the annual power consumption of 1,300 ordinary houses. The generated power will be sold for over 20 years under Japan’s feed-in-tariff scheme. Stable operation of the plants will be conducted by utilizing Mibugawa’s more than 50 years of renewable energy power plant operational know-how.

Marubeni already has two mega-solar projects (82MW in Oita, 1.1MW in Miyazaki) in addition to this project and three more projects (49MW in Aichi/Mie, 28.3MW in Miyagi and 2.2MW in Fukushima) under development. This project and 2.2MW in Fukushima are developed by Mibugawa.

Small/medium-scale hydropower generation is the center of Mibugawa’s business and Mibugawa is determined to further spread utilization of renewable energy including mega-solar to meet society’s demand for the reduction of environmental impact.

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