Solar Farm market in Texas dominated by one companies 5.6GW pipeline of projects
Wednesday, Jul 11, 2018
The energy market in Texas consistently makes news.  The state's growing population and frequent record-breaking energy demands affirm the Texas power supply must also increase, and solar farms  succeed at providing relief.  Solar energy is finding its place at a rapid pace in the Lone Star state, with the Solar Energy Industries Association placing Texas within the top 10 states for installed solar capacity.  News from the energy sector confirms Utility-Scale Solar Farms are becoming standard resources for the Texas power grid.  Innovative Solar Systems, LLC (ISS) has a 7-year history of successfully developing Utility-Scale Ground-Mounted Solar Farms and is the logical partner for helping Renewable Energy Investors break into the quickly-developing Texas solar market.  By managing a sustainable pipeline of solar farm sites, we can offer Solar Farm Investors an array of project portfolios, including 5.6GW of premium solar farm projects in Texas.

We offer Solar Farm Project Investment Portfolios ranging in size from $100M to $25B, along with individually-tailored investment cycles which can last as little as one (1) year or up to the life of the solar farm.  We work alongside our Solar Farm Investors to determine the best investment entry and exit strategy, and depending on risk appetite, Investors can see returns from 10% - 500% from our solar project portfolios.  

  • Texas Among Top Ten States For Installed Solar Capacity
  • ISS Now Offering 5.6GW of Premium Solar Projects In Texas
  • Flexible Investment Portfolio Sizes Ranging From $100M to $25B
  • Individualized Investment Cycles As Short As One (1) Year Or Life Of Farm
As solar energy continues to dominate investment conversations, deals for Utility-Scale Solar Farms in Texas are making headlines.  Renewable Energy Investors wishing to take part in the United States' energy transformation see the importance of Texas, a market with power demand big enough to challenge any energy supplier.   In such a climate, solar farms are highly desirable, valuable assets.  Don't miss the opportunity to enter the high-yield world of Utility-Scale Solar Farms in Texas.  

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