Solar Farm Developer selling over $10 Billion-7.5GW's of premier projects
Monday, Mar 20, 2017
Innovative Solar Systems has announced the Sales Offering of over 7.5 Gigawatts (GW's) of premier, high return Solar Farm projects in the United States. ISS has become the single largest developer of Utility Scale Solar Farms in the US and has a revolving pipeline of projects that equate to well over 5GW's per year now. Solar Farms have become the gold standard of Solar Investments by Hedge Funds, Pension Funds, and Renewable Energy funds due to the low risk nature of the investment and the fact that these Solar Investments will generate stable cash flow and returns for a minimum of forty years (40) and sometimes much longer. Innovative Solar Systems (ISS) is currently in the process of selling off approximately 150 large scale projects (20MW-80MW in size) while the company moves these projects to construction and then works to develop and sell its next massive pipeline of projects to investors.

Innovative Solar Systems has a six year track record in the Solar Farm Development industry and is one of the most trusted early stage, and late stage developers of Solar Farms in the US. The company was the first to develop and build large Transmission Line grid tied projects in the Eastern US and has bragging rights on having the largest projects online at this point this side of the Rockies. ISS is now developing and building Utility Scale Solar Farms in over thirty (30) key states and is once again blazing paths where few others can go due to the complexity of these large projects. ISS handles it all from early stage development, through construction and then COD. If investors wish for ISS to supply the projects and the project finance as well as performance wraps we can handle that as well. We are currently offering Tier One quality projects all over the US for well under $1/watt and the prices get lower by the day which of course increases the returns on these Solar Investments.

ISS currently has approximately one hundred fifty projects for sale that total over 7.5GW's of solar energy production. Innovative Solar ONLY deals with large investor/buyers and requires that any given buyer or investor purchase a minimum 300MW-500MW block of projects; this is imperative to do business w/ Innovative Solar Systems. ISS will NOT sell single projects to buyers, a buyer must purchase min. 300MW blocks of projects from ISS to become a new and qualified investor/buyer client. At some point in the near future ISS will no longer be accepting new clients so time is of the essence for any large scale buyer or investor. Once ISS has secured another four to six key clients the company will no longer be offering projects for sale on the open market.

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