Solar Farm Corporation "offering for sale" 3.7GW's of high return projects
Monday, Feb 13, 2017
Innovative Solar Systems based in Asheville, NC has become the #1 Developer of Utility Scale Solar Farms in the U.S. and has just announced plans to immediately sell off 3.7 GW's of the companies almost 10GW pipeline of projects. The projects being sold by ISS range in sizes from 20MW (AC) to well over 200MW (AC) and are what the company calls premier projects with stellar returns for these types of PV solar energy plants. Interested parties will NOT be able to cherry pick the portfolio and only buy a project or two as ISS requires qualified buyers to buy large blocks of these projects with minimum block sizes being from 300MW to 1GW. Innovative Solar Systems currently has the largest pipeline of projects for sale here in the United States and the quality of these projects is unmatched by others.

Pension Funds (Both US and Foreign), Equity Funds, Infrastructure Funds, Energy Funds, Yield Co.'s and Private Family Offices have developed an insatiable appetite for solar farms due to the stable, high, long term steady returns that these assets provide. The returns on ISS's projects are unmatched in the industry due to things like site development, project engineering and by the company having some of the lowest construction costs (Turn Key EPC Costs Less than $1/watt) and O&M in the industry. Innovative Solar Systems now has a revolving pipeline of almost 10GW's per year and has established itself as the leader in the solar farm market with projects in development nationwide in over thirty (30) states.

Investors having Billions of Dollars to invest in green energy projects will be happy to know that ISS can supply their full project needs for the next ten (10) years. ISS does it all for investors, they develop the projects, take the projects to "Shovel Ready" status for investor financing and then supply the most Credit Worthy EPC's in the market to quickly and accurately build these projects at prices far below normal market prices. Project financing can also be supplied by ISS's partner EPC's if you desire to purchase finished projects at COD. By having such a Robust Pipeline of Projects in the U.S. Innovative Solar Systems is able to leverage the market and achieve unheard of returns on these large Utility Scale Solar Farms.

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