Shipping and Navigation Working Group
Thursday, Dec 12, 2013

First Flight Wind hosted its second Shipping and Navigation Working Group at the Whistledown Hotel in Warrenpoint. This Working Group is one of six which have been established to help First Flight Wind assess the potential impacts of an offshore wind farm on key industries.

Made up of 13 individuals, members of this Working Group Individuals can participate in the Working Group regardless of their views on the project.

Gavin Clark from First Flight Wind said: 'It's important for us to have a forum for the discussion of issues relevant to the potential impacts of this project on shipping routes and activities within the Wind Resource Zone. The participants can environmental impact assessment, and we can update them on progress with the project’s development”.

"We have a great selection of individuals who bring comprehensive knowledge and insights and have key questions to ask us as the project develops. All of this information will feed into the Environmental Impact Assessment to ensure all issues are covered.”

Other areas of discussion at the Working Group included ongoing survey work within the Wind Resource Zone; the metocean survey which allows First Flight Wind to collect wave, current, sediment, salinity and temperature data over a period of two years commenced in November. Two metocean buoys were deployed at different locations within the Wind Resource Zone with marker buoys to alert marine traffic in the area. The Metocean buoys were deployed by Strangford Moorings and their vessel the MPV Skua, with support from Fugro EMU.

The Working Group discussed how best to issue Notices to Mariners, so that users of the sea are aware of survey vessels. locations and timescales.

Source: First Flight Wind

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