Second new unit on Lower Mattagami Project generating clean renewable power
Tuesday, Jun 24, 2014
TIMMINS, ON, June 20, 2014 /CNW/ - A new 78 MW unit at Harmon Generating Station is now generating clean, renewable electricity for Ontarians, ahead of schedule and on budget. Close to 100 per cent of the electricity OPG produces is from sources that are virtually free of climate change or smog causing emissions.

The Lower Mattagami Project is a unique partnership between the Moose Cree First Nation and OPG - one that is creating jobs, local economic benefits through employment and the involvement of local businesses, and more clean energy with virtually no environmental impact.

According to Moose Cree First Nation Chief Norm Hardisty Jr., "The completion of the new generating unit at Harmon hydroelectric station is a testimony to the power of partnership. Through this project we are building skills, creating opportunity and facilitating economic growth across Northern Ontario -especially among First Nation and Métis peoples, many of whom have participated in this project and gained significant capabilities and expertise as a result."

OPG CEO Tom Mitchell said: "As a public power company, OPG is committed to serving Ontario. This includes managing and delivering our projects at high levels of professionalism and excellence. Safely completing the Harmon Generating Station, on time and on budget demonstrates that OPG and our partners, the Moose Cree First Nation, are meeting this goal."

In total, Harmon and the recently completed Little Long station have added 145 MW of hydropower to Ontario's supply.

The entire Lower Mattagami Project is tracking on schedule and on budget. By the time work is complete, in 2015, the capacity of the Lower Mattagami plants will have increased to 924 MW. OPG manages its projects using recognized industry best practices, developed by best-in-class organizations such as the Construction Industry Institute and the Project Management Institute.

At peak, about 1,600 people including 250 First Nation and Metis people worked on the project.

Project Facts:

The project, located about 80 km north of Kapuskasing, is a partnership between the Moose Cree First Nation and Ontario Power Generation. The Moose Cree First Nation now has a 25 per cent equity interest in the new units at Little Long GS and Harmon.

As additional units come on line, the Moose Cree First Nation will have a 25 per cent equity interest in those projects as well. New units are being added at three existing generating stations. A new 267 MW station is being built at Smoky Falls to replace the existing 52 MW station that will be retired once the new station is operating.

For more information, please visit: Ontario Power Generation Inc.
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