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Opus Energy research announces renewable energy generation shifts up a gear

Thursday, Jan 31, 2013

One of the leading providers of energy to the business sector in the UK, Opus Energy, has carried out research concerning the popularity of renewable energy. The research suggests that from 2011 there has been a growing level of interest among those in the business sector for generating their own renewable energy.

Over one third (39%) of those surveyed said they were expecting to introduce solar panels, hydro power, wind turbines or anaerobic digestion to their business - a 7% increase from 2011. Of those, 48% stated they aimed to be generating renewable power within two years. This is a sharp increase, overshadowing the 26% in 2011 who were looking to introduce renewable power within five years.

A staggering 15% of those surveyed by Opus Energy were already generating renewable power, a 9% rise since 2011. It seems that business owners aged 55+ were leading the way, with 20% of them already generating renewable power on their premises.

Mirroring the survey results, Opus Energy is proud to be experiencing a growing level of interest from companies taking advantage of its renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs). These enable companies to sell back any excess renewable power to Opus Energy in order to generate additional income while boosting their corporate social responsibility credentials.

Source: Opus Energy research

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