NRG and Reliant bring solar solutions to North Texas
Friday, May 02, 2014

North Texas area homeowners can now harness the power of the sun as NRG and Reliant help make residential solar an affordable option for Texas homeowners. The solar installation will power the home directly with renewable energy, help to reduce carbon emissions, and deliver electricity back to the grid. The customer can pay for the solar installation with a fixed NRG Residential Solar Solutions lease price during the 20-plus years of the solar panels’ life and also receive a $10 per month credit to their NRG Residential Solar lease as long as they remain a Reliant customer. Since solar installations can generate more power than a home needs, Reliant also offers a Solar Sell Back plan which pays customers for electricity they produce above and beyond what their home uses.

“NRG and Reliant are excited to provide a practical, cost-effective solution for consumers in North Texas”

To get started North Texas area homeowners can contact an NRG agent. The agent will ask a series of questions to determine eligibility and assess the roof to see if solar will be a good fit. After that, an on-site assessment will take place and the installation will be scheduled from there.

“NRG and Reliant are excited to provide a practical, cost-effective solution for consumers in North Texas,” said Elizabeth Killinger, president of NRG Texas Retail and Reliant. “This is the first solution we are offering to Texans that gives them the freedom to generate their own clean energy and take advantage of incentives currently available that can provide cost savings of more than 30%.*”

NRG is one of the largest providers of commercial and residential solar power in the United States and has extensive experience in delivering effective solar solutions for homeowners, businesses and institutions. Highlights of NRG’s solar experience include: the world’s largest solar thermal plant, sustainable energy solutions at six professional football stadiums upon the completion of NRG Park, customizable solar canopies and solar panel-covered homes and parking covers.

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