RUD Load ring Bolted – VLBG
Wednesday, Jan 22, 2014

Can be turned 360°

RUD offer an extensive range of lifting and lashing applications which includes both welded and threaded types, covering a working load capacity range from 0.6 to 200 tonne. Offering over 270 different tested and certified lifting/lashing points, 210 of which are for bolting and 60 for welding. RUD is ISO 9001 certified and renowned for their expertise in heat treatment methods - delivering high performance chain products to suit the most demanding applications.


The RUD VLBG offers a range of advantages; firstly it can be turned 360°, aligned to the direction of the pull. The load ring can be tilted which guarantees a full working load limit in all load directions. Complex lifts where the load has to be manoeuvred and tilted in all directions can be safely and effectively done with the use of the VLBG load ring.

VLBG Facts

  • - VLBG can be turned 360°
  • - Load ring can be tilted, guaranteeing a full working load limit in all directions
  • - Complete with a 100% crack detected hexagon insert socket screw for universal use of tools. The maximum lengths of the screws are adjusted in a way that a material thickness of abt. 8xM (with M8 to M30) or 5xM (with M36 to M48) can be mounted by using a hexagon nut (ISO 7084/7090).
  • - Adjustable load ring, Compact design
  • - Hex-head bolt suitable for internal and external wrench mounting for types with metric threads
  • - Load ring to be adjusted in pull direction, free to move, and must not support on edges
  • - The lifting attachment must be free to move when attached to load ring
  • - Regular inspections to be carried out by a competent person (BGR 500)
  • - Load should not be turned during lifting

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Source: RUD

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