Natural Power perform energy yield assessment in Northern Ireland
Tuesday, Jan 15, 2013

The UK technical team of international renewable energy consultancy Natural Power have delivered a comprehensive energy yield study on a proposed wind turbine project in Northern Ireland for Graham Bell. Natural Power has worked on multiple projects in Northern Ireland, and this project represents a continuation of the company’s involvement in the region.

Natural Power’s input will assist the client in assessing the financial viability of the project, with the ultimate goal of assisting the client to secure finance on the site. The process included on-site data processing, long-term resource analysis, flow and energy yield modelling and uncertainty analysis.

The proposed turbine location is in non-complex terrain and the industry standard Wind Atlas Analysis and Application flow modelling software (WAsP) was used to predict wind speeds at the turbine location, based on nearby mast data.

The project was led by Natural Power wind analyst Edmund Andrew, who commented: “The Beltonanean project represents Natural Power’s continuing dedication to providing financial grade energy yield analysis on projects of all sizes. It is always exciting to work together with smaller developers or individuals to tailor work to meet their needs whilst also meeting the requirements of financial institutions.”

Source: Natural Power

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