Wayne state expands with Detroit renewable's energy network
Tuesday, Jan 08, 2013

DETROIT, Jan. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Detroit Thermal (www.detroitthermal.com), owner and operator of the downtown Detroit district energy steam system, today announced the 25-year commitment by Wayne State University to Detroit Thermal's (DT) renewable steam network. Gordon H. Scott Hall and the Helen Vera Prentis Lande Building will join the network as part of the school's strategic sustainability efforts.

"Wayne State University has strengthened its relationship with Detroit Thermal by signing a long term agreement to avoid the cost of renewing the aging steam plant in Scott Hall," said Larry Fodor, Director of Utilities and Energy Management. "Detroit Thermal understood the issues facing Wayne State and worked tirelessly to construct an agreement that met both of our goals, with positive impacts to energy conservation and sustainability."

The addition of Wayne State's Gordon H. Scott Hall, which houses the University's School of Medicine, and the Helen Vera Prentis Lande Building, which houses the Department of Physiology, is reflective of DT's growth and contributions to local reliable, renewable energy. The addition of these two buildings near the Detroit Medical Center campus, further strengthens DT's district energy system in the growing Midtown area. DT provides steam it receives from its sister company, Detroit Renewable Power (DRP) a proven long-standing renewable energy source experiencing significant growth in the industry. DRP's energy-from-waste facility supplies up to 550,000 pounds of steam per hour for district heating.

"Detroit Thermal is as committed to protecting the environment as it is to revitalizing Detroit's economy. Wayne State's connection to the steam network represents that our organizations are mutually committed to both," said Detroit Thermal President Rick Pucak.

Wayne State recognized it had antiquated, inefficient steam generators in the buildings and that DT's central production and wide distribution aligned with the school's commitment to reduce energy consumption and pursue sustainable energy options. "We look to DT to help simplify operations, reallocate resources, and increase reliability," said Daryl M. Pierson, Wayne State's sustainability coordinator. "We're also pleased to partner with a company that's striving to improve economic opportunities in the city while providing sustainable solutions for Wayne State."

About Detroit Thermal LLC

Detroit Thermal LLC, acquired by Detroit Renewable Energy LLC, (www.detroitrenewable.com) in 2010, provides cost-effective, environmentally friendly energy to more than 145 buildings throughout downtown Detroit via steam primarily produced from renewable energy sources.  Its extensive "district energy" system provides safe, reliable energy allowing building owners to eliminate boilers and furnaces and focus their resources on their core business. www.detroitthermal.com.

SOURCE Detroit Thermal

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