Norway world leaders in renewable energy
Monday, Dec 24, 2012

OSLO, Norway, December 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --Norway is in a special position when it comes to energy. 95% of the energy produced in Norway comes from hydropower, and the energy prices are the lowest in Europe. Despite of this, Norwegian consumers use less environmentally friendly energy.

Big demand for guarantee of origin

Renewable energy is in big demand in many European countries. More and more Europeans want energy with guarantee of origin. Because of this, Norwegian hydropower is sold on the European market, and Norwegian households buy energy from less environmentally friendly sources, imported from other countries.

In June, the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) announced its updated declaration of energy. Figures show that 45 % of the energy bought in Norway comes from fossil fuels, while more than 30% comes from nuclear power. NVE's numbers are in sharp contrast to the myth that they mostly use clean hydropower in Norway.

"Norway is in a special position when it comes to renewable energy," says Finn Erik Arctander, Managing Director of Telinet Energi. "Because most of the electricity in Norway is produced from hydropower, we are used to thinking that the power we use is green energy. The challenge is that we sell much of our renewable power abroad and in return we import electricity from coal and nuclear power."

To get the renewable energy they want, Norwegian consumers now need to actively demand this from their power supplier.

"We see a big increase in customers that are environmentally conscious.

They want origin-guaranteed energy in Norway as well, and they choose their power supplier based on this rather than on price only," says Arctander. "The good news is that environmentally friendly energy is not more expensive than the energy bought from fossil fuel and nuclear power."

Green energy just as inexpensive

A brand new overview shows that many of the power suppliers with guarantee of origin have the same low prices, or even lower, than the others. On top of the price list for all power suppliers in the Oslo area, with the lowest prices, we find Telinet Energi, with 100% green energy.

"This list shows that green energy can also be affordable," says Arctander.

About  Telinet   Energi

Telinet Energi AS is certified eco-friendly, and offers 100% green energy. In addition to provide renewable energy to homes and businesses, Telinet sells various energy saving products such as heat pumps, electric bikes and water-saving systems.

Source: Telinet Energi AS

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