Market for solar PV inverters in the US
Friday, Nov 30, 2012

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“Market for Solar PV Inverters in the US”

Solar photovoltaics have a huge presence in the United States, with the US being the fourth largest market for solar PV in the world. The solar PV market in the US is also the fastest growing markets in the world, with the growth of PV installations being supported by incentives and generous subsidies provided by the government.

California is the largest PV market in the country and has a well-developed feed-in tariff system in place to aid the growth of the industry. With ambitious subsidy policies in place for the development of this market, California has the highest number of PV installations in the US.

While the economic crises impacted the solar PV industry in the US, growth, however, was not affected much and the industry continues to attract investments.

With such a large PV industry in place, the US is also the largest market for solar PV inverters in North America. Financial incentives at the national and state level are helping the market for PV inverters develop rapidly in the country. Since the country is increasing the deployment of PV, the demand for PV inverters is also increasing at the same time.

Source: Business Wire

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