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ecoConnect and iVeridis form alliance to help British suppliers connect to green purchasing opportunities worldwide
Thursday, Nov 08, 2012

ecoConnect members to benefit from accessing real buyer demand on iVeridis’ green procurement platform

ecoConnect, the UK’s Green Industry Business network, has announced that it will partner with iVeridis to enable its members to access demand for their cleantech solutions and innovations.

iVeridis works with large global companies such as Tesco to help them identify innovative technologies which can be applied to their operations. Its Greensourcing Software Solution provides a platform whereby buyers can input exact green requirements,which are then ‘matched’ to the best solutions available across iVeridis’ global network of organisations, ranging from start-ups and SMEs, to universities and established R&D companies. iVeridis’ clients are actively seeking cutting edge solutions that ecoConnect’s members provide.

Robert Hokin, CEO of ecoConnect, commented: “This is a great opportunity for ecoConnect members. The iVeridis platform will help them access major buyers looking for green solutions. Better still, they can access the platform completely free of charge through this partnership.”

ecoConnect provides business support to help develop and grow clean technology businesses and promote green economic growth throughout the UK. Founded in 2009, it has developed collaborations with business and industry, central and local government, investors and other green-interested organisations, providing essential connections to financial and business support services for green sector businesses.

iVeridis and ecoConnect have collaborated on several successful projects recently ranging from identifying advanced technology vehicle manufacturers for a US government programme to finding small scale urban wind systems suppliers to install on a UK retailer’s stores.

Ram Ramachander, Chief Operating Officer, at iVeridis, said: “We are delighted to be working with ecoConnect and connecting additional cleantech suppliers to our network. ecoConnect members have the kind of solutions our clients are interested in; we are confident that our platform will drive real opportunities to them.”

Suppliers can register for the service at:


Source: ecoConnect

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