Polysilicon Market growth driven by solar industry
Tuesday, Jun 17, 2014

DALLAS, June 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --MarketReportsOnline.com offers "Global Polysilicon Market Report: 2014 Edition" research, which says polysilicon industry is expected to grow at a remarkable pace in the near future driven by the rapid growth of solar market.

Global Polysilicon Market Report: 2014 Edition research says over the past few years, the polysilicon industry has witnessed a noteworthy shift from semiconductor industry, another major driver of polysilicon, to solar industry which has grown stupendously in the past couple of years. The global polysilicon market is quite consolidated, with the top 4 producers' viz. GCL, Wacker, Hemlock and OCI, together constituting more than two third of the market share. Some of the noteworthy trend and developments of this industry are the decreasing production cost, stabilizing prices and strong growth rate in the solar market. However, there are a number of the hurdles that are holding the polysilicon market, such as industrial overcapacity and heavy capital and time requirement to establish the business. Read more at http://www.marketreportsonline.com/328148.html .

The report presents an exhaustive study of the Global Polysilicon Market on the basis of value and volume. The examination of aforementioned market through the analysis of solar and semiconductor industries have also been incorporated in the report. It encompasses a number of factors driving the growth of the polysilicon industry coupled with recent trends of the industry. The company profile section of the report covers detailed description of the players operating in the aforementioned industry. By taking into account a number of factors, the market outlook of the industry has also been analyzed in the report.

Polycrystallion silicon, commonly known as polysilicon, is a hyper-pure form of silicon. It is classified on the basis of varying purity levels into three broad categories: Electronic-grade Silicon (9N), Medium-grade Silicon (6-7N), and Upgraded Metallurgical-grade Silicon (>5N). Solar and semiconductor industries are the two major end markets of polysilicon. The global polysilicon market witnessed a declining trend in the past year which was primarily due to excess capacity and low prices in the industry.

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