Wanxiang and NEC to form joint venture for grid energy storage in China
Friday, Jun 13, 2014

China Wanxiang Holding announced today the planned formation of a joint venture between its wholly-owned subsidiary, Puxing Energy, and NEC Corporation to pursue grid energy storage opportunities in the Chinese market. The joint venture, 51% held by Wanxiang and 49% held by NEC, is scheduled to begin initial business activities later this year. Its formation is an important element of the recently announced NEC acquisition of A123 Energy Solutions, a global leader in grid-scale energy storage systems for applications ranging from grid stabilization services like frequency response to the grid integration of renewable power sources such as wind or solar. Wanxiang and NEC recognized that the best way to prosper in China’s developing market for grid energy storage is to pursue it jointly. Initially the joint venture will focus on market development of the best applications for its technology.

“With more and more renewable energies deployed in China, in which Puxing has been actively participating, the energy storage business has been driven to the front. NEC and the former A123 Energy Solutions Group have developed leading technology and successfully executed advanced project solutions in the energy storage field worldwide. Puxing is firmly committed to building a business and technology foundation to meet the growing demand of the Chinese market in partnership with NEC,” said Weiding Lu, Chairman of China Wanxiang Holding and Chairman of Puxing Energy. “We see tremendous business opportunities in the accelerated transformation of China’s development model and its closely related energy structure, a key driver for the changing market landscape throughout the value chain of China’s power sector. By this partnership with NEC as our technology and operating platform, we are well positioned to participate in these opportunities, further leveraging Wanxiang’s financial and business resources in the marketplace.”

A123 Energy Solutions has commissioned two installations of its Grid Storage Solution (GSS™) product line in China in recent months. The first, a containerized 2MW HR (High Rate) GSS located in Beijing, performs frequency regulation and is in commercial service, operated by Ray Power Systems Co. Ltd. The second is a building-based 500kW HR GSS located in Hangzhou and is operated by Dongfang Electric Machinery Co. Ltd., to help integrate on-site renewable generation including wind and solar as well as traditional combustion generation at the site’s microgrid. China, with its growing infrastructure needs, has some of the largest public works projects in the world related to power generation and transmission, and has installed large amounts of renewable generation that could benefit greatly from the introduction of large-scale energy storage alongside traditional grid assets.

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