Book launch of "Power Supply Challenges" by Wärtsilä
Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The boom of wind and solar energy continues, despite the economic downturn. This is great news, but when the share of wind and solar power grows to more than 15 per cent, serious risks arise. If proper action is not taken soon, the surge of intermittent generation can cause blackouts and double electricity bills.

The award-winning author Jacob Klimstra reveals the stakes of the renewable energy gamble in Power Supply Challenges - Solutions for Integrating Renewables, published by Wärtsilä in Power-Gen Europe 2014. Combining empiric country data with theory of power engineering, the new book unfolds.

Holding back renewables is not an option. They are crucial to meet energy demand and to halt global warming. Key is to facilitate the transition with the right technology and policy. This is the only way to reach 50 or 80 per cent shares of renewable energy.

Welcome to the launch of Power Supply Challenges at Wärtsilä's booth 6N63 in Power-Gen Europe, Cologne, at 13.15 on Tuesday 3 June. Free copies of the book are available to all attendees.

For more information, please visit: Wärtsilä

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