Marubeni to launch mega-solar power project in Iwanuma City, Miyagi Prefecture
Friday, Apr 11, 2014

Marubeni Corporation ("Marubeni") announces to launch operation of a mega-solar power project by constructing a large-scale solar power plant in Iwanuma City, Miyagi Prefecture. The power plant, known as the Iwanuma-Rinku Mega-solar, is expected to be the largest solar power plant in the Tohoku region of Japan.

In order to pursue this business, Marubeni has created a wholly-owned new special purpose company and will start construction from April this year. Plant completion is scheduled for April 2015.The power plant capacity is 28.3MW and is expected to produce approximately 29 million

kWh per annum, corresponding to the annual electricity consumption of 8,000 ordinary houses. The generated power will be sold for over 20 years under Japan’s feed-in-tariff scheme.

The project is part of a region-wide reconstruction project designed to support Iwanuma City recover after the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Tsunami in 2011. The project site suffered land subsidence and salt-damaged soil which rendered the land unsuitable for farming. As a result, Iwanuma City proposed a mega-solar project on the affected land in June 2012 and Marubeni was selected as the business operator.

Marubeni’s other mega-solar power plant projects include 82MW in Oita, 49MW in Mie/Aichi and the company is determined to further spread utilization of renewable energy such as offshore wind power, geothermal power and small/medium-scale hydropower generation to meet social demand for the reduction of environmental impact.

Source: Marubeni Corporation

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