Monday, Apr 07, 2014
Planning application submitted for single turbine near East Kilbride

Leading UK renewable energy company RES has submitted a planning application to South Lanarkshire Council for a single wind turbine on land to the east of the Strathaven Road (A726), on the outskirts of East Kilbride. If consented, the turbine will take advantage of the area’s natural wind resource to produce enough clean, green electricity each year to meet the needs of more than 800 homes a year.

RES submitted the planning application following public consultation with local communities, which included a public exhibition held at the MacDonald Crutherland House Hotel in June 2013.

Michelle Howley, RES’ Project Manager for the proposed Crutherland Farm Wind Turbine, comments:

“If we are to combat the current price rises impacting our electricity bills as a result of dependence on imported fossil fuels, it is vital that Scotland uses its natural resources, like wind, which will help meet the Scottish Government’s targets for the equivalent of 100% of electricity consumption from renewables by 2020

“Not only would the Crutherland Farm wind turbine be a valuable ‘home-grown’ source of electricity to help make our national energy supply more secure, the renewable electricity generated will also feed into the local distribution network for use at a local level.”

As part of the proposal RES has also begun to look at how best the project could deliver tangible community benefits.  This could be in the form of annual funding, or via one of a number of approaches already suggested by members of the local community.

South Lanarkshire Council has validated the planning application and the Council will now begin its own consultation with the local community and interested parties.

Copies of the planning application documents, including the supporting Environmental Report, can be viewed during normal working hours at: Planning and Building Standards Area Office, South Lanarkshire Council, Civic Centre, East Kilbride, G74 1AB.

The planning documentation is also available online on the South Lanarkshire Council website (

South Lanarkshire Council will take into account all submitted representations before determining the Crutherland Farm Wind Turbine proposal.  A decision is expected by the Autumn of 2014.
Source: RES
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