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Friday, Mar 28, 2014

STAMFORD, CT, March 27, 2014 /CNW/ - Helping to reverse climate change can be as simple as turning on a light - provided that your light is powered by renewable electricity. Although skeptics may scoff, Viridian, a leading provider of affordable, responsible energy, provided positive proof once again today with the release of its fourth annual Sustainability Report.

And the numbers are truly impressive: This reporting year, Viridian's customers helped to avoid 2,108,554,851 pounds of carbon emissions, more than doubling their impact since last year's report thanks to Viridians' voluntary pledge to increase its percentage of renewable energy from 20% to 50% in addition to state standards for its Everyday Green product.

As in years past, the richly designed report not only gives an in-depth look at the company's environmental impact over the past reporting period, it also paints a holistic picture of the local and global efforts that have supported Viridian's sustainability mission, offers a window into the important role consumers play in mitigating climate change and gives support to the growing "green" trend that is revolutionizing the marketplace.

The company further distinguishes itself in the retail energy space by its
commitment to transparency and accountability. The report is a purely voluntary action. "As leaders in the retail energy space and as good stewards of the Earth, we are responsive to consumer demand for more responsible energy, and are proud to transparently report on our customers' positive impact," said Chief Strategy Officer Cami Boehme. "We have consciously built a community that supports our values and urges us forward--a symphony, if you will, of sustainability-minded Associates, customers and executives who are keenly attuned to the pressing mandates of our time and how all the different pieces play together. Because low-carbon electricity is a crucial part of a sustainable future, we choose to offer our customers electricity backed by renewable sources at an affordable price."

These renewable energy sources are represented by the Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), which are bought and retired by Viridian, and disclosed in their Sustainability Report. The RECs detail how the energy was generated and the facility it was generated from, giving customers a window on the green energy industry.

This year once again, Viridian engaged Ernst & Young LLP to examine the
company's Renewable Energy Certificates ("RECs") retired, total carbon offsets purchased, US Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") equivalent measures of carbon emissions avoided, and other EPA equivalencies.

About Viridian Energy

Founded with the vision of empowering consumers to be part of a significant, collective environmental impact by choosing Viridian as their energy provider, this socially responsible company connects with customers through a vibrant network of Independent Viridian Associates. Committed to sustainability, community action and global initiatives, Viridian Energy provides affordable electricity that is more than 50% renewable, natural gas with carbon offsets to mitigate usage and residential solar power to a range of customers throughout 15 states plus Washington DC. Learn more at www.viridian.com.

SOURCE Viridian Energy

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