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New York state smart grid coalition unveils white paper outlining roadmap for New York’s grid modernization

Thursday, Jan 31, 2013

The New York State Smart Grid Consortium (NYSSGC), a public-private partnership devoted to statewide implementation of the smart grid, today released a white paper that articulates long-range objectives for grid modernization in New York State that support the bold initiatives Governor Andrew Cuomo recently outlined in his annual State of the State speech. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the paper also urges for a coordinated approach to harden the state’s infrastructure and modernize the power system, which in turn will support the recommendations offered by the New York State 2100 Commission.

“The analysis as part of the white paper we commissioned demonstrates the achievable objectives and tangible benefits to the consumer that grid modernization throughout New York can provide”

“As Hurricane Sandy has shown us, there has never been a stronger incentive to invest in hardening our energy infrastructure and deploy innovative smart grid technologies that will make New York’s energy system more robust, resilient and adaptable,” said Robert B. Catell, Chairman of the New York State Smart Grid Consortium. “Our findings both reflect and support Governor Cuomo’s priorities for an innovative electric vehicle infrastructure, the expanded integration of renewable energy into the state’s energy system, and a coordinated effort to modernize the state’s aging infrastructure to meet evolving consumer demands for increased reliability.”

With extreme weather events occurring more frequently, it is clear that New York’s electric infrastructure needs to become more resilient. The NYSSGC white paper outlines the innovative efforts currently underway, some of which include smart grid projects that analyze conditions in real-time and self-heal in the event of a system disturbance. By enhancing situational awareness operators can better anticipate and recover from severe storms, but the grid itself will have the capability to automatically detect, isolate and respond to disturbances to that the flow of power to consumers is consistent and reliable. The white paper offers three key goals of grid modernization for New York.

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