New REC cooperation with roofing specialists Sika and Centroplan
Monday, Jun 30, 2014

REC, the largest European supplier of solar panels worldwide, starts a new cooperation with roofing system specialists Sika AG and Centroplan GmbH, both of which offer in-depth experience with special requirements for roofing and solar panel installations. With professional-quality installation and REC high performing solar panels, customers can expect twenty years peace of mind for their flat-roof solar panel systems. The cooperation, which will begin in Europe with plans to expand globally, focuses on commercial and industrial installations. It reinforces REC’s commitment to quality at every stage of solar energy projects.

Particularly for flat-roof solar systems, it is vital to ensure the installation is planned and completed by professionals. Since water does not flow off a flat roof as easily, any damage to the roof during installation could expose the entire building to a greater risk of water ingress. And since flat-roof type solar installations are common in commercial and industrial projects, damage to the roof that lets water into the interior of facilities is more than a nuisance – it can bring business to a halt while expensive emergency repairs are carried out.

“Alongside the quality of the solar panels, the quality of the installation plays an important role in overall system performance,” says Luc Graré, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, REC. “By cooperating with companies who have the expertise in roofing construction specifically for solar panel installation, we at REC can offer our customers the certainty that the solar panels and roof mountings will be a perfect fit. This translates to long-term peace of mind for customers.” Most roofing companies grant their customers a guarantee of ten years on the sealing.  A doubling to twenty years confirms the high quality and reliability of the roof solar panel system by REC, Sika, and Centroplan. To benefit from this warranty, a Sika certified installer is ensuring the proper overall construction.

The roofing industry itself is evolving in response to growing demand for eco-friendly roof systems that work in conjunction with solar panel installations. Accordingly, REC is partnering with specialists that deliver professional installation quality to complement the long-term reliability and product quality of REC solar panels. Through this cooperation, REC customers will benefit from a roofing system which is reliable, even at the highest snow loads, while at the same time putting low load on the roof itself. A special thermal welding allows a time-saving and secure construction without penetrating the roof.

The Geilenkirchen-based Centroplan GmbH specialises in roof-mounted systems, and also offers mounting systems as well as planning services for projects throughout Europe for solar panel installations on the roofs of industrial properties. Sika AG was originally founded in Switzerland, and has evolved into a world-leading developer and producer of materials for the construction industry. It has a strong focus on roofing products and systems, including flexible sheet and liquid-applied membranes, and lightweight mounting systems for solar panel installation on flat roofs covered by Sika membrane.

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