Marubeni acquires interest in a wind power generation facility in the United States owned by EDF Renewable Energy
Thursday, Jan 09, 2014

Marubeni Corporation ("Marubeni") is pleased to announce that it has completed a transaction to acquire an economic interest in a wind power generation project owned by EDF Renewable Energy Inc., a renewable energy company in the North American market owned by the French

utility, Electricité de France ("EDF").

Marubeni promotes various renewable energy business backed by the increase of global need for low-carbon power sources. In the wind power generation field, Marubeni is involved in a wide range of business such as project development, research and development activities, investment in onshore/offshore wind power generation projects and transmission business in domestic and overseas market. Shiloh IV Project will be Marubeni’s third equity investment in North American wind power project, after participating in Raleigh Wind Energy Centre Project in Ontario, Canada from 2010 and Lakefield Wind Project in Minnesota, U.S. from


EDF Renewable Energy is one of the largest renewable energy players in the U.S. market and owns more than 1,400 MW of renewable power generation assets and more than 6,000MW of O&M service contracts through its affiliate company, EDF Renewable Services. EDF is a global leader in the utility industry and Marubeni will leverage this transaction and pursue its business opportunities both in North America and other regions.

Upon completion of this transaction, Marubeni’s total generation capacity, worldwide, will be 33,727 MW (gross) and 10,383 MW (net).

Source: Marubeni

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