Cefic welcomes Clean Energy Package, calls for assessment of future energy needs
Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Cefic – the EU chemical industry association – today launched its analysis of the EU’s recent ‘Clean Energy for all Europeans’ legislative proposal.

European chemical companies welcome the policy drive for clean energy, since it will open new markets for chemistry-based solutions essential for a thriving renewable technology and construction sector, for example industrial chemicals used to make wind turbines, solar panels and insulation. Avoiding energy waste in the residential sector will provide space for industry, which requires energy to grow but also to manufacture products that are needed for our low-carbon transition.

States Marco Mensink, Cefic Director General, “By matching climate ambitions with commercial opportunities, the EU Commission has provided the basis to make sure Europe leads the way on clean energy. We believe this proposal can boost Europe’s record as a clean energy leader, and if well-executed also open markets for new European products and drive job creation in Europe. Our industry looks forward to supporting the package by manufacturing smart materials that are in high demand by other major EU sectors such as construction and automotive.”

Making good on the ambition set out by the Buildings Performance Directive in particular, the full package could strongly promote job creation in EU member states, provided they are encouraged to deliver on such targets flexibly and according to their capabilities. This is why Cefic believes the package must include a strong link between energy efficiency ambition and the contribution of the building sector.

Cefic, however, also asks to look beyond the package into the impact of electrification of transport and industries, which will strongly increase the demand for electricity. “Lower-carbon chemicals manufacturing would require an intensive electrification of chemicals processes. Electrifying energy-intensive industry sector such as chemicals, in addition to buildings and cars leads to a huge extra demand for electricity, which goes beyond the policies presented by the Commission in this package. We ask Member States and Commission to take this into account when drafting the national plans, especially in industrialised regions that are the backbone of the European economy."

For more information, please visit: http://www.cefic.org
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