British ambassador welcomes DIS to England
Friday, Feb 02, 2018
Europe best engineering workplace, DIS opens two new offices in England and is welcomed to the country by British ambassador Dominic Schroeder.

On February 1 the engineering and R&D company Dansk IngeniørService A/S (DIS) opened two new offices in England, in London and in the northern coastal town Lowestoft.

"We are looking forward to the new challenges ahead of us in England. At DIS, we believe that an organization only stays focused and competitive if it is in constant motion and thus able to adapt to new situations quickly. Many of our customers are international companies, who expect us to be international collaborators," says Michael Gadeberg, CEO and partner at DIS.

In connection with the establishment in England, DIS received a visit at the Danish headquarter in Stilling from the British ambassador Dominic Schroeder, who welcomed the potential that DIS sees in the country. Great Britain is the world’s largest offshore wind turbine market with more than 5000 offshore wind turbines by 2025 and the wind power market will initially be the primary focus area for DIS.

"England is a major market for both on- and offshore wind turbine companies which is good for DIS. One of our primary business areas is renewable energy, and we wish to draw on our expertise within renewable energy and assist our customers with among other optimization of maintenance and operation," says Michael Gadeberg.

In addition to establish a new company in England, the engineering and R&D company established a company in Spain a month ago and now has a total of 17 offices worldwide and employs more than 500 engineers and consultants.

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