Analyzing the US Geothermal Power Market
Monday, Jun 20, 2011

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Analyzing the US Geothermal Power Market" report to their offering.

The use of renewable energy is growing around the world, and apart from the more common technologies of wind and solar power, the energy from the earth's core is also being harnessed now. This geothermal power is being utilized for generating electrical energy for various uses today, including space heating, power generation, amongst others.

The heat from within the Earth is being recovered and exploited by various companies today and the United States is a leader in the exploitation of geothermal energy.

The United States has been quiet active in this field and in 2010, the country was leading the worldwide production of geothermal electricity. The US had over 3,000 megawatts of installed capacity from 77 geothermal power plants. In fact, one of the biggest geothermal power plant in the world is located in the country - The Geysers, located in California.

Aruvians Rsearch analyzes the US Geothermal Power Market in its report Analyzing the US Geothermal Power Market.

This cutting-edge report analyzes the geothermal energy industry in the US. The market is analyzed taking into account an analysis of The Geysers, the biggest geothermal energy resource in the US. Installed geothermal capacity, environmental impact of geothermal power, regulatory framework, and the management of carbon emissions from geothermal power in the US are analyzed.

Aruvian's Research analyze the geothermal resources in the US through a segmentation of identified geothermal systems, undiscovered geothermal resources, and enhanced geothermal systems in the US. Various geothermal plants in the US are analyzed, along with an analysis of geothermal use for electricity generation in the US. Geothermal capacity under development and the high capacity factor of geothermal energy in the US is also looked at.


Source: Business Wire

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