AEG Power Solutions will showcase products & solutions for on- and off-grid systems at Intersolar Europe 2014
Tuesday, Jun 03, 2014

Intersolar Europe Preview: Booth B1.641 June 2, 2014

AEG Power Solutions (FWB:3W9) (AEG PS), a global provider of UPS systems and power electronic solutions for industrial, commercial, renewable and distributed energy, will showcase a broad range of energy storage systems and its off-grid power solution Power Island in booth B1.641 at Intersolar Europe in Munich, Germany from June 4 to 6, 2014.

Short term storage solution: Battery Energy Storage System

AEG PS will present its MW-scale battery energy storage system (BESS) for short-term energy storage, designed to facilitate the transition to new ways of generating and distributing electricity. BESS offers grid stabilization and increased power quality, namely four-quadrant operation, peak shaving and load balancing, day to night shifting of renewable PV energy, and reliable PV power supply.

Depending on the applied battery technology, BESS can be used for hourly or daily and up to weekly transfer of renewable energy.

Long term storage solution: Power-to-Gas

H2 is becoming increasingly recognized as an important part of the missing link between volatile energy sources and a reliable energy supply for the future of the green energy revolution. Hydrogen brings many benefits because it can be generated, stored and used without producing any hazardous chemicals or emissions, only oxygen and water are emitted. Decentralized installed electrolysers operate when excess energy is available in the grid.

AEG Power Solutions high efficiency rectifier is part of the electrolysis process. The rectifier is installed between the power plant and the high efficiency electrolyser. The rectifier’s key role is to supply a tightly regulated direct current to the electrolyser. The rectifier ensures high precision, high efficiency, reliable power delivery to the electrolyser with maximum power factor at its input. The technology platform used is directly derived from power control systems used in the polysilicon manufacturing process.

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